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Diamond Fund

Diamond fund is the unique collection of the best jewelers works of Russia and the world, rare models of precious stones, nuggets of noble metals, Ural semi-precious stones, imperial's regalia and old orders.

Diamond fund is the richest museum of Russia. Founded by Peter I as a depository of state regalia, order, medals, gala jewels, it had been replenished during dynasty Romanovs ruling and later in time of the USSR.

The exhibition of diamond fund was opened on the 2nd November 1967 in Moscow Kremlin. The work date was determined in one year, but with great popularity was taken a decision to change the exhibition in constantly working.

It takes two halls of low floor Armory Museum.

Exposition is opened by vitrines with soviet natural diamonds-which were made in 1967 year, when were opened jakutsk diamond entrails. At the second hall is represented the historical fund collection.
Here is kept the main significance of russian treasury-house the Big Imperial Crown the most expensive crown in the world. It belonged to Russian Queen Catherine the Great. The crown represents two silver hemisphere, divided garland with laurel fronds. Besides diamonds and pearls, the crown is decorated with a big ruby, which mass is 398,72 carat, it includes in the number of the seven historical precious stones of Diamond fund.

Big bouquet

Big bouquet (1760) served for petersham decoration of a smart dress. For the first time it decorated Catherine Petrovnas toilet. The bouquet consists of brilliances and emeralds. Many-colored foil, laid under the brilliances, makes an effect of multicoloured bouquet. Only the purple-pink 15-carat diamond has natural color.

Golden bracelet

Among historical stones of the collection there is a diamond of old Indian cut in the golden bracelet (Petersburg, the second quarter of XIX century). On the miniature emperor Alexander I is portrayed. The diamond of 25-karat weight is a fragment of a larger formation.

Diamond Shah

Another world-famous stone is diamond Shah, one of the oldest Indian diamonds with kept captions, helping to trace the centuries-old history of the stone. It is pure, with light yellow shade stone, its weight is 88,70 carat. It is well known, that this diamond was worn as a talisman. Shah was delivered in St. Petersburg in 182 year by Persian prince, as a present to the imperial court, in oder to redeem the fault of killing russian ambassador in Teheran.

No less famous is legend the Earl Orlov diamond in blue colour. Its weight is 189,62 carat, is placed on the golden imperial sceptre.

The great Ceylon blue sapphire includes in the seven historical precious stones of Diamond fund. Its weight is 258,18 carat, found in XIX cent. It is the decoration of diamond brooch.

Columbian emerald

Wonderful Columbian emerald, set into the broach (Russia, the second quarter of XIX century), is also included in the collection of historical stones of the Diamond fund. Seize of the stone (weight is 136.25 karats), evenness of its color, purity allow to ascribe it to unique formations in the nature.

A lot of diamonds were sent in 70th years of XX cent.: the diamond Progress with mass 80,66 carat, the Big Dipper-114037 carat, the Great initiative-135,12 carat, the revolutionist Ivan Babushkin-171,15 carat. The biggest russian diamond is Jakutsk's Star, found in 1973 year, its mass is 232 carat.

All diamonds in the Diamond fund of order distinguishes with its richness and fulfillment.

The order of Saint apostle Andrey Pervozvanny

The order of Saint apostle Andrey Pervozvanny (the protector of Russia) is first in Russian empire. It was instituted by Peter I in 1698. The order was conferred only at the emperors discretion for martial feats and civil services. It consists of a cross a sign of the order (illustration Petersburg, about 1795), a star and a ribbon or chain for solemn occasions. The order was necessary attribute of coronation Russian emperors. All orders, which are kept in the Diamond fund, are remarkable for their rich performance: they are of gold with abundance of jewels.

Modern jewelries were executed specially for exhibits of the Diamond fund. Among them (1974) are the works of the State depository jewelers V. V. Nikolaev, G. F. Aleksahin. It is made of platinum; the central role in the authors design was intended for a black brilliance of 17.97 karats weight.

Diadem Russian beauty

Diadem Russian beauty (1987) was executed by a motive of kokoshniks the ancient head dresses of Russian women. Platinum, 1000 brilliances, 25 pearls were needed for the State depository artists, jewelers V. V. Nikolaev, V. G. Sitnikov, G. F. Aleksahin, in order to execute this work of art.

The State depository of Russia keeps various collections of noble metals and diamonds nuggets. The exhibit displays golden nuggets, interesting by form. Here there are also such unique creations of the nature as Hare ears (3344.3 g. Ural, 1935), Mephistopheles (20.25 g. Kolima, 1944) and Big triangle (36 kg. Ural, 1842) is the biggest of those which was founded in Russia. In the group of platinum nuggets there is a unique pattern it weighs almost 8 kg.

The diamond fund works at 10.00 a.m. till 12.30 a.m. and 14.00 a.m till 16.30 p.m. Besides Thursday and holidays.

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[2012-03-23 20:30:08]
como persona que durante años me dedique a suministrar a mi empresa Martos s.c. piedras preciosas y semipreciosas, viajando para ello, a la Imdia, Ceilan, Bankog, Brasil, etc. He permanecido al gremio de joyeros y plateros de Madrid y de Cordoba en España,
a traves de teletienda, perteneciente al departamento de joyeria de El Corte Ingles, a traves de campañas en t.v. hemos comencializado nuestra marca patentada de perlas( Rosa del Pacifico ).
He quedado impresionado y maravillado por las joyas tan maravillosas y unicas poseen en su museo.
Me dirijo a ustedes si pudiesen ayudarme,
actualmente poseo coleccion de piedras las cuales obtuve en uno de mis viajes para mi propia coleccion, son piedras de, aprx. una media entre 100 Qt. por piedra, siete de ellas amatistas con diferentes tallas, lagrima, oval, t/esm. y una pareja de topacios azules, ovales de aprx. 90 Qt. por piedra, devidamente certificadas todas por centro Gemologico Certificado.
Para la pareja de topacios desarrollamos diseño de anillos exclusivo en cera, totalmente realizado a mano por un reconocido diseñador, los cuales aun poseo.
Si tienen conocimiento de alguna empresa ó particular pueda estar interesado en la adquisicion de dicha coleccion de las nueve piedras, agradeceria ponerme en contacto.
Le envio en cordial agradecimiento.
Jose Msrtos.

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