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Flora of the Baikal

According to scientists researches, on the coast over 3 thousand types of plants grow. For example: pulsatilla patens, snowdrop. Snowdrop is often founded on the shores of the Baikal. Yellow poppies grow on the pebbly shores and spits of the Baikal; rose-bay or sally-bloom is one of the first plants inhabiting fresh site of fire. Rowan grows here even on sandy shore banks. Potentilla, or prairieweed, is founded both in taiga folds and on the coastal of the Baikal.

Cedar at the age of 550 years and larch of 530 years are also founded. Cedar continues bearing fruit. And it is not a limit of longevity of trees. May be there are more overgrown ones.

Forests are mostly mixed of beech, nut-tree and then dark coniferous taiga. Among relatively heat-loving trees of North America are: Fir, Mountain Pine-tree, Oak, Walnut, Hazel, Hemlock and other deciduous sorts. Mosses, lichens, undersized bushes are found. Among them stalks of dryad rise, light stalks and flowers of Grit, soft-blue forget-me-nots peep out.

Five-finger, sedge and some other herbs are also found. Scientists discover more and more new kinds of plants. As the nature renews every year, something becomes the thing of the past, something, brought by wind and river waters, settles in the beneficial land, comes up in the proper place and radiates with merited light.

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