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Historical State Museum

 The Historical State Museum is the largest national historical museum in Russia, it is a native treasure-house, a depository of historical reliquiae. Established by own decision the Empire Alexander II in 1872 year. It was built in 1875-1881, by architec V.O. Schervud. The Museum's walls are laid of baked bricks, as the Kremlin's walls. For visitors museum was opened in 1883 year. In one of halls of the museum is keeping not less unique historical exhibits, belonged to people of old Russia.

On vitrine by common name Internal policy of Old Russia, were exhibited some interesting things, such as Radzilovskaya chronicle XV(copia in miniature) with look of Vladimir Monomach, handed to his sun Andrey Vladimirovich the king's sword, and other interesting things.

On vitrine Russian village IX-XIII cent. were exhibited woolen hats, knitting needle for tow, wax's fragments, crochet goods, hair-pins, scissors, castles , keys, axes, and other devices.

On vitrine East Slavonian family XI-XIII cent. acquaints us to its dresses and decorations.

On vitrine Paganism in Russia-Christianity in Byzantium the exhibits are sorted in such way , that you notice the difference between two religion. By paganism are refered to amulets, idols with looks of paganism's gods. By Christianity we can relate to Radzilovskaya chronicle XV cent. consisting of several parts and imaging prince Igor's oath with his paganism-soldiers.

The next part of this vitrine Religious things from Byzantium province includes the things with the images of St. Elizabeth, St. George, archangel Michael on the horse, crosses, cencers, you can see the difference between two countries too.

In the museum works constant exposition History Reliquiae of Russia State, on which are represented the rarities- archaeological monuments, numismatics, icons, portraits, engravings, published and manuscript books, old weapons, rare model of dresses, wonderful works of applied art. Most of them are connected with the great names of russian regents, outstanding state and public men, writers, scholars, and also with the history of Russian Orthodox Church, culture and enlightenment.

The museum had a full reconstruction. The historical interior was reconstructed with lifts for people with limited capacity.

In oder to visitors of the museum could understand the historical events, represented through exhibits there are informational equipments in the halls. Besides,the paper informational accompaniments, are represented lump of monitors, demonstrating items, which couldn't enter in to the exposition, or you can't touch them by hands.

All the time museum's being, its collections reach 4,5 millions of exhibits, documentary funds are counted more than 15 millions lists. It is the large collection, and has unique quantity and fullness, represented the history and culture of international Russia. Besides, the Historical State Museum is the unique historic-architectural monument.

The Historical State Museum works at 10.00 a.m. till 18.00 p.m. On Sunday at 11.00 a.m. till 20.00 p.m. Holiday is Tuesday.

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