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This part of site represents some interesting information concerning with history and sights Near Moscow. We guess, you'll like it.

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Klin Sights

For a long time were continued the disputes among historians and students of local lore, what year is considered the date of the town's creation 1237 or 1317 year.  Historian V. N. Tatishev contended that Klin is mentioned for the first time in manuscript in 1200 year.  But this manuscript didn't come for us. The students of local lore asserted that the first mention of Klin was made by Nikon's manuscript in 1317 year.

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What do we Know about Noginsk?

It should be mentioned the climatic and geographical features of Noginsk. Such factors as temperate continental climate, the presence of mineral sources and health filth of local lakes, picturesque landscapes, forestlands, lakes, ponds are promoted in development of pension complexes and tourism on the territory of Noginsk.

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The beautiful town "Egorijevsk"
The town Egorjevsk is situated at a distance of 100 km from Moscow. The first mention of this town was in 1462 year. At that time there was placed the village Visokoe. There is a legend, that this village belonged to the ancient noble family Byakonte. According to church's chronicle of Egorjevsk cathedra, in 1563 year the russian tsar Ivan the Terrible presented the village Visokoe to Moscow's monastery.
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Bronnitsy Sights
The town Bronnitsy is situated at a distance of 52 km from Moscow. This town is considered significance town in Russia. Bronnitsy is famous since 1453 year as a large trade village Bronnichy in Astrakhan dialect.
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Various Sights In Zvenigorod
It was founded by Jury Dolgoruky, admittedly in 1152. For the first Zvenigorod was mentioned in 1328 in theological document of Ivan Kalita. Zvenigorod is situated on the highest left bank of the Moscow-river.

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Volokolamsk Sights
Volokolamsk is a small and predominately agricultural and commercial town. Being not rich, it developed slowly, keeping mostly wooden buildings till XX century. In 1941 in Volokolamsk area cruel battles of soviet forces and partisans with German forces went off. In November of 1941 at halt Dubosekovo a rifle division stopped the enemys tanks, having hindered them from breach to highway Volokolamsk Moscow.
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Beautiful town Podolsk

At present time Podolsk is one of the largest industry centers of Moscow region. Podolsk is the first small town in Russia, which was awarded the highest national reward by order of Peter the Great, for outstanding services and progresses, assisting well being of Russia.

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On the Istra Voskresensk is famous in Russia, and the New world considers it Jerusalem G. R. Derzhavin.

Between Volokolamsk and other ancient town, situated near Moscow, - Zvenigorod on the southern picturesque slope of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge there is Istra town.

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Caucasian Mineral Waters are situated only in 90 km from the Elbrus.


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