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Old and new Arbat

Ah, Arbat!

This word is well-know for us since our childhood. Many poets divoted their poems to this beautiful street, such as Bulat Okudgzhava, M. Zvetaeva, A.S. Pushkin. At this street well and tragic developed different fates of many Moscowians from novels russian writters I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy, A. Ribakov.

It is a unique place of Moscow, not only the street, but one part of the territory of Kremlin. The word "Arbat" is an arabian origin and mean a suburb.

Beginning at 21 century, there are many wooden houses and churches. From this street the medieval warriors came to protect Russian lands. For more full Arbat safety, was inhabited "Strelezkoe" forces. On the heels of army, began to develop trade. Several arbat's side street kept thier names to the present days, such as Serebryanaya, Denezhnaya, Staropeskovsky and Nikolopeskovsky. For abolition shoot army, Arbat gradually became aristocracy centre of Moscow. In spite of several fires, it kept his history individuality. Near Arbat inabited famous and rich family, such as Golizini, Volkonskie,  Trubezkie, Sheremetievi.

But revolution changed Arbat not in well appearance. In time of Soviet Union appeared New Arbat, swallowed up many monuments of architecture. Ancient mansion with their architectute tell us about their first owners. We can see, for instance, the house with lion masks and knight's figures. History of some houses connects to the history and life different famous people,keeping their names to present days. Here are opened for tourist museum-houses A.S. Pushkin, M.U. Lermontov, M. Zvetaeva, A. Beliy, and other great russian people. It is a historic centre will the most attended by tourist.



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[2008-05-16 11:10:00]
Arbat is a very beautiful place.

It`s interesting

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