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The Ostankinskino Tower

Radio and television strongly came in our life despite her young, by historical measure, age. The first radio transmitter was invented by Alexander Popov in 1895, though the first man, who got the patent for this novelty 2 years later, was Italian Guljemo Markony. Transmission an image over a distance for the first time was carried out by Englishman John Beird in 1925. But transmission over far distances required rise of transmission antennas on large height and building of a television tower. In Russia the first such tower was built in 1922 in Moscow by project of the famous engineer Vladimir Shukhov. He planned to erect a tower with a height of 350 m if form of tracery steel construction. Because of lack of materials, the height of the tower was lowered to 150 m, but even in such form it successfully carried out its duty. In 1950 when in our country rapid development of television began, Shuhovskaya tower didnt cope already with transmission signals. In 1967 a new television tower was built in Ostankino.
The tower is a big and complex organism, which works now not at its full capacity. We would better remember how all began.

Ostankinskaya tower could be named Cheremushkinskaya in this area it was planned to build the television complex. But soon it turned out that there was little free space. The building site was transferred in Ostankino field, occupied by vegetable gardens and vacant lots. In august of 1960 workers began digging a foundation pit, and in September laid in it the first cubic meter of concrete. Not far away they began the future television center to erect. Unexpectedly in spring of 1961 a command came to stop the building. Government came to conclusion that the tower would fall down. Durability-testing the tower began. Only in March of 1963 Moscow State Committee took a decision to stop the debates about the tower and recommence abortive building. In spite of difficulties the unique building finished precisely in time on the 27th of April of 1967.
 In October four high-speed lifts. A high-speed lift delivered visitors to the observation place in 58 seconds. The lifts were specially made in FRG. In each lift there are two indicators: one of them shows a level of height and the other one meters. In a year visitors for the first time could admire Moscow from the height of birds flying.

Ostankinskaya  tower was the pride of soviet architecture. In 1970 the authors of this project were rewarded with Linin's prize. This tower expose to a fire and reconstruction. It happened that, the fire 
27 August 2000 was a true disaster not only for Moscow citizens: the fire destroyed the great construction and symbol of modern capital.
Reconstruction of the tower began two days later after the fire. All TV companies lost broadcast and bear great losses, and the inhabitants lost usual blue screens. Burnt transmission equipment was replaced in two months and the Television began to work. Then it was necessary to strain steel cables, broken or weakened because of the fire. This problem was solved for a year. Excessive attention is paid now to fire-resistance of the tower.

Surprised the tower's height is 540m, which is planned to increase 562m at the expense of the 
flagstaff's substitution for extra antenna. In Europe and Asia, Ostankinskaya tower is the most highest  . It includes to the International Federation of  high-rise building.
Today from Ostankinskaya tower realize broadcasting 20 radio and 20 television transmitters. Eight
satellites ORBITA take a signal from the tower in oder to bring news to all audience.
Besides its main meaning, the tower is considered one of the most interesting tourist's objekts of Moscow, and Ostankinskaya excursion is one of the most popular.

There are seven levels on the tower and at the height almost 350m is placed sight area, where interesting to see all visitors of the tower. Besides, there are two area at the note 147 and 269m. Speed lifts placed in the tower, was made in FRG for special order. Every worker assist at the lifts.
There are two indicators, one of them shows the height level, and the second shows the metres.
From sight area on the seven leve,l you can see whole Moscow and even Near Moscow. With a good weather sight radius is 60km. You can take any binoculars and telescopes. Floor's part is made of   firm glass-during excursion appears a sense of free flight in air. Under sight area there is a restaurant complex the Seven Sky, tables are placed on round platform with glasses fences.
The platform is slowly twisted, and the visitors get additional opportunity to see a wonderful view of the capital. 

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