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Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia. It is the city-monument with measured course of life with new ideas in literature and art. Peter is considered to be nonofficial capital. It received this status under Russian emperor Peter I and has been kept to our days. People call it South Venice, which is connected with the richest water resources of the town, and also with numerous historical and architectural monuments of old time.

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The common characteristic of Saint-Petersburg
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The history of Saint-Petersburg
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Excursions across Saint-Petersburg: rivers and channels
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Excursions across Saint-Petersburg: museums
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Excursions across Saint-Petersburg: theaters
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Excursions across Saint Petersburg: night life of the city
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Excursion across Peterhof
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Bridges of Saint-Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg! The city which remains in the hearts of millions people, conquering by beauty and mystery. The city was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the capital for new, "young Russia". All here has its history. It can be perceived, looking at variety of palaces, squares, castles, imperial residences.
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St. Petersburg Channels and Rivers
St. Petersburg is the intellectual center of our country. It is one of the most beautifully cryptic cities in Russia and probably in the world. Built three centuries ago, it is still a model city for many intellectuals.
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