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Murmansk region was formed in 1938 year. The centre is the hero city Murmansk. The region occupies the territory of Kolsky peninsula and south west part of of continent. Almost all territory
of the region is placed beyond Arctic Circle. On the north and north east the territory is washed by the Barents sea, on the east and south by the White sea. On the west the region boarders upon Finland and Norway, on south with Karelia.

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Vologda region
Vologda -  is one of the oldest Russian towns, which was mentioned in source of information in 1147 year. The town got its name from the name of rive, on picturesque banks of which was created the town. One more version of town's name origin is a word volok, as people from Novgorod moved their boats into the river Sukhna.. From its creation Vologda was considered simultaneously as the gates on north, and as a cordon, having protected Moscow against foreign invasion conquerors.

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Great Ustyug
If one looks at the map , the north east of Vologda region seems far far nook, cut off from the large civilization. But in remote areas of Russia there are also many places, capable to surprise even worldly-wise travelers. On the bank of the river Sukhona at its junction with the Yug river, by radiant whiteness, as if the holiday of centuries, the Great Ustyug a miracle-city, a fairy tale and a song of the northern Russia, is seen.
The surrounding area represents a gently rolling plain. The right bank of the Sukhona river is low, flat, with a flood-lands terrace, width of which is up to three kilometers. The left bank is high, steep.
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Ladoga lake is the largest one in Europe. Its area makes 18 400 sq km, average depth is 51 m, the largest one is up to 23 m.


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