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The common characteristic of Saint-Petersburg

Russia is the only country, which has two capitals: Moscow densely populated, multi-national, with furious temp of life, and St.-Petersburg the city-monument with measured course of life with new ideas in literature and art. Peter is considered to be nonofficial capital. It received this status under Russian emperor Peter I and has been kept to our days. People call it North Venice, which is connected with the richest water resources of the town, and also with numerous historical and architectural monuments of old time. However there is a number of other names, which are attached to Peter by tourists and its natives. For example, the second capital is called also South Palmyra, the city of three revolutions. These two names of the city are the evidence of being attractive to tourists and of the fact that here took place historical events, significant for Russia. And, at last, the Northern capital this name positions the city as the important economical through-passage both of Russia and Europe. Saint-Petersburg is the second in size city of Russia. It is situated near the eastern extremity of Gulf of Finland of the Baltic sea and together with administrative-subordinate territories it occupies an area equal to 1439 sq km. The city is situated at the intersection of sea and river ways and also land high-ways, because of which it is considered to be a strategic center, the closest to the countries of EU (European Union). And not by chance in St.-Petersburg there are consulates of many European States, representative offices of international organizations, and also Russian territorial bodies of Ministry and departments, which is connected also with the fact that the city is the administrative center of South-West federal district of RF, which includes Republic of Komi and Karelia, Archangelsk, Novgorod, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Leningrad, Vologda areas and Nenets autonomous region.

Such administrative unity is the result of water geopolitics. Thus, the connection of Russia with outer world is provided for the sea transport ways, built across the Arctic Ocean and the Baltic sea. Besides that, the regions and republics of the unity have natural and resource potential and high-developed industry. For the climate of St.-Petersburg warm-temperate damp summer and cold-temperate winter are typical. The average temperature of July reaches + 18C, in January it falls to 10C. An average annual rainfall makes up 634 mm. The prevalent direction of winds west, south-west and south. The most beloved period of the year white nights (from May, 25-26 to July, 16-17), when the sun sets only for a short while, and a day lasts almost 19 hours. The city received name Southern Venice as a result of rich water resources. For example, inland waters occupies a third of the territory of Peter. The city numbers 308 water objects and 40 channels with a total extension of 217.5 km. Because of this in the southern capital there is the greatest number of bridges in Russia over 580; 20 of them are drawbridges, including 7, built over the Neva, the extension of which within the precincts of the city reaches 32 km. Because of so much water in the city floods often occur.

On the whole rivers overflow the banks practically every year. Thus, for three hundred years of existing of St.-Petersburg were stated 288 floods. The highest level of water raise was observed on November, 7 of 1824 it made up 4.2 m above zero of Kronstadt tide-gauge. The territory of the city consists of 24 big islands. Here there are 38,000 ha of green plantations, part of which makes landscape of 73 parks. Besides that, in Peter there are about 1,000 gardens and squares, there are also over 900 green streets. Thus, according to specialists-ecologists of the city, 56 m² green plantations are for every inhabitant of St. Petersburg.

In the list of International cultural heritage of UNESCO St. Petersburg includes 36 complex objects, uniting about 4000 prominent monuments of architecture, history and culture. Just on the base of this cultural property new tourist programs for those who have wanted to go to St. Petersburg again are originated. Now Petersburg numbers 221 museums, 2000 libraries, more than 80 theaters, 100 concert organizations, 45 camps, show-rooms, 62 cinemas, 80 clubs of culture and etc. Annually the city arranges about 100 festivals and competitions, including over 50 international, of different currents of culture and arts. Despite economical instability of 90-s in St. Petersburg museums and theaters were not closed but new ones were opened, for example, the Museum of Bread, the private Museum of Dolls ( it was opened in 1999) the third museum of this type in Russia. Here there are collections of more than 2000 dolls, including Multinational St. Petersburg, Pushkin Petersburg.

Annual festivals, arranged here, are the evidence of rich cultural life of St. Petersburg. Any tourist at any moment may become their participant, as their periodicity of each of them makes up practically every month. Besides that, now there are new tendencies, for example, to arrange annual city carnivals. If youll suddenly decide to go in Peter, dont forget to remember about the following arrangements, which one can know about from numerous placards, hung out everywhere in the city: the International festival of Arts Stars of white nights, which has become one of the most attended and elite musical events in the world; the International festival Mariinsky the only Russian festival of classical dance.

His participants are the leading dancers of the largest ballet theaters of the world. These are Hamburg ballet of John Noimaier, Bavarian ballet, Frankfort ballet headed by the famous choreographer William Foresyte; the International Petersburg rock-festival Open windows! and also the Festival of modern Arts Pushkinskaya, 10, the program of which includes arranging exhibitions of modern arts of Petersburg and foreign artists, performances, concerts, installations. Free open-air concerts Courtyards of the Chapel. The International festival of independent cinema Pure dreams the only voice of independent low-budget cinematograph; the International winter festival the Square of Arts, headed by Jury Temirkanov. It is not only the concert of rock-stars, but also the ground for new talented performers; the International Festival of Serge Kurehin SKIF-8, reflecting tendencies of modern arts. The participants of the festival: musicians, DJs, artists, dancers, cinema workers, writers, philosophers from various countries and many other arrangements, which will be interesting for curious tourists!

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